Our Supporters

Our Foodbank has recieved support from various individuals, groups and organisations over the years for which we are very grateful.
Their hard work and generosity helps us to run Foodbank more efficiently and to deliver vital help to those in need. Thank You!

We would like to thank those who have provided help and support to Foodbank recently.

Firstly, Hardman’s Cleaning Services who kindly clean our warehouse and Crossing Point Centre for a reduced fee.

Thank you for keeping our centres spic and span for volunteers and clients alike!

Secondly, BASF for their recent donation of £184.45; a generous amount that will help provide food and supplies for those in need.


And also to Delta Taxis for their large donation of carrier bags which will be hugely beneficial to our clients who don’t have access to a car and have to carry their food parcels home.

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